Leah Hobbs             Richmond, VA



Co-founded Now Faith Ministries and ordained in 2012;
Local church missions trips to Trinidad, Kenya, Guatemala, Liberia, El Salvador, Detroit;
Local church youth ministry, worship team, Word team, and media


University of Richmond, 2005, Bachelor's in History;
Regent University, 2009, Master's in Journalism;
Faith Landmarks Bible Institute, 2011, 3rd year ministerial program


Multimedia and creative professional;
Experience in media, publications and web;

Editing and copywriting

Creative Arts
Author, poet, blogger;
Worship leader, songwriter, recording artist, musician;


Tennis, basketball;
Travel, missions;
Marvel movies;

I Love Lucy, Boy Meets World, A Different World;
Seattle Seahawks, Golden State Warriors;

Serena Williams


"Rebirth" worship album released in 2018;

"Shaken" worship album released in 2015;
"A Life of Worship" book released in 2010;
Poems published in anthology series;
Contributions to research encyclopedias